Big UnBan

[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted Jun 2, 17

ok guys and gals i dont talk much on the froums but some of you who been BAN are getting unban when i say some i mean a lot of you unless it was something else really bad you getting unban so if you dont get unban msg me on our discord or on here i am willing to to listen to you all -Owner KAZU

Time to Move On!

[Owner] JoshuaIsBoss aOwner posted Dec 16, 16

Im sorry to say, but i'll be stepping away from my owner position. Ive become to busy with school and other things to have the time to be an owner. I'll still be on the server when i can and see you all, so it isnt a full good-bye. I know that Rysing and Kazu and the rest of staff will do a good job eventhough i wont be there.  Ive had a good 2 years being apart of this server. <3

Hiya Trainers,

This year, Christmas is coming to InitiaNova early. As the countdown to 25th December continues, we'll be celebrating it with you every step of the way, as this year, everyone has a chance to win! We'll be having a variety of fun and games this year which we're sure will cater to all.

./warp Christmas is now open for business: Delve into the Christmas spirit with our small Christmas village and market. Although not as large as last year's Winter Wonderland, we're sure it'll making you feeling festive in no time, as an ideal place to meet up and battle.

InitiaNova's Advent Calendar: For the first time ever, InitiaNova has its very own server-wide Advent calendar! Until December 24th, one lucky player (whom is online at the time) will be chosen daily to have a whack at claiming the prize within. Be prepared to answer questions fast, for a hesitant response will lose you the chance to win.

Make sure you know your Pokedex, hinthint.

The Festive Feud: How could we let such an event pass without letting your Pokemon have a bit of action? Much like Halloween, we shall be hosting a festive-themed tournament, to determine who's the jolliest Trainer of them all.

Please Note: Scrooges are not permitted to enter.

Sign up at:

Look out for other Christmas events in the near future. <3

We hope you enjoy yourself this December. From the team at InitiaNova: have an awesome Christmas, and a happy New Year~

Update 10/12/16: Everything in the store is currently 70% off! Hurry now as this once in a lifetime offer will be disappearing after Christmas.

[Delta] Usahh Haha Merry Christmas to you guys too! Can't wait for the tournament, I'm assuming a rank similar to spooky wil...
[Alpha] CozTheCreeperHunter Well it says scrooges not allowed.... i may not be here..

Map Reset/Update!!

[Owner] JoshuaIsBoss aOwner posted Nov 14, 16

Hello to all players of InitiaNova. We will be resetting the server this Saturday @12pm Eastern Standard Time. This means that there will be a new map and new gyms. Eventhough the server is resetting, you'll still have all of your pokemon. Please make sure to take all items off of your pokes before Saturday because pokemon can possibly glitch if you keep your items on them. Donors will be getting back the money and items that came with their rank. There will also be a sale going on this week. It will be 55% off on all ranks and 60% off on everything else in the shop.

Big Sale

[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted Nov 6, 16

Once in a lifetime there will be an enormous sale in our store! You'll be able to get anything for 50% off until the server restarts! You know that shiny legend you wanted just out of reach? It's perfectly affordable! You're lovable little magikarp you wished was golden? It can be for just 5$ today! So don't be afraid, just get on down to the store and get everything you need for half off!