[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted Feb 3, 18

Hey guys and gals nova is back up running at 100% so if you want to join us with all our new things here our discord link <3

piggyjg Is this place dead or what?
fuzzybaca expired link send new one please

New Hub World

[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted May 21, 18

well guys an gals we got a hub world :D 

New Ip :D

[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted Mar 6, 18

Welcome To Inita Nova

[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted Jan 18, 18  -  PixelmonPlayersPokemonReforgeTrainer

Weclome Home Trainer  Nova is back and we are rocking out with all the new pixelmon from pixelmon reforge links belows 




[DGod] Skermory \o/ We all missed Initia
SkillsDrive Thanks Kazu!
Trilussa The server is really good, v e r y n i c e!

Good and Bad News

[Owner] KazuApollo aOwneryt posted Dec 5, 17

Good news pixelmon is back :D, but now here the bad news we was allowing people to keep the pokemon there catch on the test server but the spawn of op was out of hand so sorry guys but good that pixelmon back right ^-^'?